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Soul Cakes and Winter Rains

And here is the third installment of the Hollycast series of Sidedown's Downcast.

Hollycast 3

Within this hour of free holiday, Christmas, and winter music, you'll hear:

  • Ukrainians singing a carol of bells.
  • Bono listening to a fairy story.
  • Sting fleeing storms at sea and begging for soul cakes on Christmas.
  • A goth band strumming mandolins for the magi.
  • Irish chieftains singing about the king of all birds.
  • Enya riding trains amid winter rains.
  • Annie Lenox interrupting Jars of Clay.
  • Norville being reprised.
  • Tori Amos mashing together two traditional carols with breathy grace.
  • Anne Wilson finding beauty and sadness at Christmas.
  • The Crash Test Dummies calling upon Gitchi Manitou.
  • Alex Lifeson breaking away from the Holy Triumvirate, if only briefly, to pa rum pum pum pum.

And more. Merry Christmas!

posted on 12.19.2010